Tech entrepreneur’s mother feels bad for daughter-in-law mistress rumors

By Nguyen An   June 21, 2023 | 04:55 am PT
Businessman Nguyen Hoa Binh’s mother says she feels sorry his actress wife Phuong Oanh was wrongly accused of being his mistress.

The marriage of Binh, whose business has been dubbed the "Alibaba of Vietnam" to actress Phuong Oanh is a ‘happy ending’, she said.

Actress Phuong Oanh. Photo from Oanhs Facebook

Actress Phuong Oanh. Photo from Oanh's Facebook

Pham Thi Kim Hoa told NgoiSao that she had welcomed Oanh since the first time Binh brought her home and introduced her as his girlfriend.

She and Oanh have been getting on well and they find it easy to share every detail of their lives with each other.

Hoa says Oanh is a simple, genuine, and straightforward woman. But such simplicity has got her into trouble in the complex, cutthroat world of an entertainment industry that thrives on gossip.

Hoa knows how cruel the industry can be, especially after an innocent interview she gave in 2015 has been misconstrued. She says it has given her a better understanding of what her daughter-in-law has been through.

In fact, it was Hoa and her husband that urged the couple to "tie the knot." And they did, registering their marriage on June 15.

"I feel bad for Oanh about the false accusations of her being a mistress," Hoa says.

According to her, Oanh also gets on well with Binh’s two children from his first wife Dao Lan Huong.

The two children also supported their father in getting married with Oanh, and showed their happiness when they officially tied the knot.

"Binh getting married to Oanh is a ‘happy ending’ for our whole family," Hoa said.

Oanh, 34, admitted to dating businessman Binh, 43, last August, after photos of the couple were circulated on social media, but denied she was the cause of his previous marriage failing.

The relationship became controversial when Dao Lan Huong, Binh’s ex-wife, spoke out about the new relationship.

According to Huong, she and Binh were still legally married at the time, though Binh said they were in the middle of a divorce process.

The tangled web left Oanh facing accusations of interfering in Binh’s marriage, but the businessman announced he had completed his divorce process with Huong on May 9.

Soon after, Oanh publicly denied accusations of her being a mistress and a factor in Binh’s divorce. But she still apologized to the public about her private life.

The couple then legally married on June 15.

Oanh is a renowned actress and has starred in several TV series. In 2018, she was nominated for the Vietnamese Golden Kite Award for Best Actress, one of the most prestigious acting awards in the country.

Binh is the founder of various tech startups. He joined Shark Tank Vietnam as one of the showcased investors in 2019.

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