Model Ngoc Trinh fined for illegal daredevil motorcycle moves

By Quoc Thang, Dinh Van   October 9, 2023 | 07:34 pm PT
Top Vietnamese model Ngoc Trinh was fined for performing dangerous stunts and tricks on her large motorcycle without the special license needed to drive motorcycles larger than 175 cc.

A video of a woman riding her large high-cc displacement motorcycle while performing a series of dangerous activities - including kneeling and standing on the seat, removing her hands from the handlebar, and placing both legs on one side of the vehicle - recently surfaced online, angering the public for the risks of causing accidents.

Footage of a female motorcycle driver performing dangerous acts while driving. Photo obtained by VnExpress

Footage of a female motorcycle driver performing dangerous acts while driving. Photo obtained by VnExpress

Netizens then figured out that the footage was initially published on Trinh’s Facebook account last month, and was then shared across online communities.

Thu Duc City Police announced Monday that its traffic police force had invited Trinh, 34, to cooperate after confirming that the female rider featured in the video was in fact Trinh herself. However, as Trinh was actually suffering from injuries from an accident she’d recently and not-so-ironically had on a large motorcycle, she was unable to travel to the police station, so investigators arrived at her home instead.

The model then admitted that she was indeed the woman in the video. She said she had driven the vehicle on the empty roads of Thu Thiem New Urban Area, which is currently under construction, to familiarize herself with riding it.

She was then fined VND8.5 million ($349) for two violations.

It is reported that her vehicle had also been summoned by Ben Thanh traffic police force for other violations in HCMC’s District 1.

Model Tran Thi Ngoc Trinh. Photo from Trinh’s Instagram

Model Tran Thi Ngoc Trinh. Photo from Trinh’s Instagram

Prior to this, Trinh announced Sunday that she had recently suffered from an accident in her motorcycle-driving class and was hospitalized with the help from her close friends, personal assistant, and manager.

"I knew before I started attending the class that I would fall one day, sooner or later," she said, explaining that she believed accidents are unavoidable in learning a new sport.

"But the price I had to pay was a bit too high."

Trinh started the class last month with the help of a private instructor. She said she became confident with basic driving skills after 10 days, and subsequently wanted to learn more advanced performance skills.

She was ordered to wear protective gear by her instructor, which she turned down as she was not satisfied with the way she looked in it. She thus decided to wear normal jeans while driving.

"My instructor warned me about the risks I could face, but I ignored them," Trinh said. "I wanted to both manage to perform the skills and look pretty, so I can’t blame anyone for what happened to me."

According to the model, things went smooth at first, until she attempted to switch from sitting to lying on her motorcycle not realizing that she was approaching a turn.

"I instantly wanted to sit back up, so I looked down to find a place to put my feet," she recalled. "I couldn’t look at the road while doing that, so I lost control and immediately tripped."

Having three stitches and suffering wounds on her back and shoulders after the accident, Trinh is now worried that she will have permanent scars on her body. She said she has now learned that protective gear is necessary while learning how to drive large displacement motorcycles.

Coming from a poor family background, Trinh started her modeling career in 2005 before gaining public recognition with her lingerie and swimsuit photo shoots.

She then became the title winner of the Miss Vietnam International pageant in 2011.

She made her debut as an actress in 2016 with her role in "Vong Eo 56" (Queen of the Bikini), which was based on her life, and has participated in various movie projects since then.

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