Miss Vietnam denies dating Thai actor

By Thien Anh   August 16, 2023 | 06:52 am PT
Miss Vietnam denies dating Thai actor
Photos of Tran Tieu Vy and Nicky Nachat with the same lion in Bangkok. Photo courtesy of Tran Tieu Vy and Nicky Nachat
Miss Vietnam 2018 Tran Tieu Vy maintains that she’s single and denies recent rumors that she’s dating Thai actor Nicky Nachat.

Rumors of Vy and Nachat sparked discussion on Facebook and TikTok on Tuesday. In comments sections and their own posts, online users speculated that the two are in a romantic relationship.

On May 28, Vy went to see Blackpink's Born Pink concert in Thailand. Nachat also attended the event, but it was unclear if both of them were seen there together. The two were also said to have been photographed at with a famous lion in Bangkok.

In a recent video posted online of Nachat visiting a friend at the hospital, internet users commented that the girl next to him looked similar to Vy. In addition, the Thai actor often likes photos of Vy on social media.

Vy denied the rumor. She said she is single and without a romantic partner at the moment.

Before this entanglement in romantic rumors with Nachat, Vy had also gotten caught up in rumors of dating singer Quan A.P. and volleyball player Vu Dinh Hieu. But she denied involvement with both men. She said that when she meets the right person and feels sure about the relationship, she will make it public.

The 23-year-old beauty pageant winner said that she makes her own money and has a good financial situation, so funds are not an important factor in any relationship she may or may not enter into.

"I love handsome guys, so the first criterion is that my man must be good-looking," Vy said.

"My boyfriend doesn't need to be rich, he just needs to be able to take care of himself. If I find the right man, I want to get married before the age of 30. Otherwise, I will continue to wait."

Two months after being crowned Miss Vietnam 2018, Vy competed in the Miss World contest and entered the top 30. Over the years, Vy has crossed over into to other entertainment and performance fields as well, such as stage comedy and acting.

Nicky Nachat, whose full name is Nachat Janthapan, is a popular 33-year-old actor, MC and model in Thailand. He’s known for his work in movies and TV programs such as "Man of Vengeance," "Endless Love" and "Love in the Market."

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