Indian multi-millionaire couple renounces $24M fortune to become monks

By Linh Le   April 24, 2024 | 02:07 am PT
Indian former real estate tycoon Bhavesh Bhandari and his wife Jinal have relinquished their 19 million pounds (US$23.6 million) fortune to adopt the lifestyle of Jain monks.
A monk walking. Illustration photo by Pexels

A monk walking. Illustration photo by Pexels

The Mirror reports that earlier this month, in their home state of Gujarat, Bhavesh and Jinal held a ceremony where they divested themselves of all possessions by distributing them to a crowd from atop a chariot.

The Times of India notes that the items the couple distributed included clothing, mobile phones, air conditioners, and cash.

Motivated by their children, aged 19 and 16, who entered monastic life in 2022, Bhavesh and Jinal are now preparing to begin their new lives as Jain monks.

According to The Sun, the life of a Jain monk is characterized by walking barefoot, possessing only a bowl, a broom, and two garments, and eating only food from charitable sources.

Bhavesh expressed that convincing his parents to allow him to take the monkhood vow was challenging. Nevertheless, he remained steadfast, believing this to be "the right path for living."

According to The New Indian Express, the 2011 census reported that the Jain community in India comprised nearly 4.5 million people, making up about 0.4% of the country’s population.

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