'I'm proud of my talented husband': supermodel Thanh Hang

By Nhat Minh   October 25, 2023 | 04:00 am PT
Supermodel Thanh Hang has said she is proud of her husband, conductor Tran Nhat Minh, who is much-respected in the classical music world.

"I can build my own house and make my own money. But when it comes to love, I want to have someone who can help me grow and support each other in our careers," she told reporters Wednesday. "My husband gives me that feeling."

Thanh Hang and Tran Nhat Minh on their wedding day, Oct. 22, 2023. Photo by Kim

Thanh Hang and Tran Nhat Minh on their wedding day, Oct. 22, 2023. Photo by Kim

Two days after their wedding, Hang said she still felt euphoric. She was touched by the love and support from her colleagues and the public. Thanh Hang could not help but show her pride when talking about her talented husband.

"He isn’t too popular, but he shined in the classical music world thanks to his abilities and dedication," she said.

Hang said she did not choose her husband because of his looks, but because of their emotional connection.

While in a relationship with Minh, Hang felt herself becoming more feminine. She also learned how to be more patient in every situation from him.

He also opened her eyes to another genre of music. While dating, she would frequently attend his concerts and watch him perform on stage. From a person who did not enjoy orchestral music, she became a frequent patron.

Minh was once known to be a young and handsome conductor. However, the model said that she was not scared of him cheating.

"I think both sides need to know how to build a relationship," she said. "If Minh does something to affect the marriage, the one who will lose the most is him."

After the wedding last weekend, Hang has no immediate plans for a baby and instead wants to "go with the flow."

The supermodel hopes to have twins like her longtime friend, singer Ho Ngoc Ha. She is also not under any pressure from her in-laws, as she believes she is capable enough to handle her relationships and deal with any problem.

Hang said 2023 was a good year for both her career and love life.

Hang, 40, was born Pham Thi Thanh Hang in Da Nang. She became Miss Photo Vietnam in 2002, then began a professional modeling career.

She has hosted the reality show Vietnam's Next Top Model for many years, and she also coached on the 2018 reality show The Face.

With two decades of modeling experience, she is considered one of the top supermodels in Vietnam.

In addition to modeling, Hang has also starred in several movies and TV series, including: "Nhung Co Gai Chan Dai" (Girls With Long Legs), "Tuyet Nhiet Doi" (Tropical Snow) and "Nu Hon Than Chet" (Kiss of the Death).

Minh, 42, graduated with a master’s degree in Russia and is currently working at the Ho Chi Minh City Ballet Symphony Orchestra and Opera.

Tran Nhat Minh plays the piano and sings to Thanh Hang in the wedding ceremony. Video by Viet Quoc

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