Hanoi bride flaunts strength by carrying groom princess-style

By Quynh Nguyen   February 2, 2024 | 05:38 am PT
Unconventional wedding photos by Hong Hanh and Ngoc Hai have taken social media by storm, featuring the bride flexing her muscles in a wedding dress while carrying her groom princess-style.

Hong Hanh, a 25-year-old from Dong Da district in Hanoi, said she aimed to challenge stereotypes surrounding women and showcase their strength.

Hong Hanh and her husband Ngoc Hai posing for the wedding photos. Photo from Hong Hanhs Facebook.

Hong Hanh and her husband Ngoc Hai pose for wedding photos. Photo via Hong Hanh's Facebook

"People often perceive women as the weaker gender due to their small and slim bodies," she said. "I wanted to make a statement that women are not weak; they are beautiful and captivating, even when they embrace their strength without shame."

Hanh emphasized that the unique wedding photos accurately reflect her and her husband’s professions as fitness trainers.

Hanh had been planning the unconventional wedding shoot for four months with the support of her 27-year-old husband Do Ngoc Hai. The photo team was taken aback by the request for the bride to appear stronger than the groom.

On Jan. 7, the couple arrived at the photo studio. While Hanh was accustomed to such poses due to her work, flexing her muscles for the 6-hour photoshoot session led to cramps on multiple occasions.

In a surprising turn of events during the photo shoot, Ngoc Hai presented a ring and went down on one knee to formally propose after the first few photos. Hanh teased, "We're literally in the middle of our wedding photoshoot right now, you have to ask?" before joyfully accepting his proposal. The touching moment was captured by the photo team.

Explaining his spontaneous proposal, Ngoc Hai: "Hanh mentioned she doesn't care about the details, but I wanted her to have a proper proposal, so I planned for it."

Hong Hanh carries her husband princess-style. Photo from Hong Hanhs Facebook.

Hong Hanh carries Ngoc Hai in a princess-style pose. Photo via Hong Hanh's Facebook

The photos of the bride showcasing her strength, including pretending to put the groom in a chokehold or carrying him princess-style, have garnered tens of thousands of interactions online. One internet user, Luong An, commented, "Nice photos, we can tell who wears the pants in this relationship right away."

Unfazed by comments about gender roles, Ngoc Hai emphasized that he aimed to capture their relationship authentically and ensure they had fun during the photoshoot.

Hong Hanh pretends to put her husband in a chokehold. Photo from Hong Hanhs Facebook.

Hong Hanh playfully puts her husband in a chokehold. Photo via Hong Hanh's Facebook

The couple, who first crossed paths in 2018 when Hanh joined the gym where Hai worked, plans to get married late next month.

Reflecting on their journey, Hanh shared, "We are both hot-headed, but Hai is always the one to back down first and care for me in every little way. That's why we have been together until now, experiencing our happy ending."

Beyond wedding preparations, Hanh is dedicated to professional training and participating in fitness competitions. In 2023, she secured the gold medal at the VPF Invitational Amateur 2, a fitness competition for amateur athletes, in the 57kg category.

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