Beauty queen sparks controversy following candid comment on choosing a suitable partner

By Hoang Nguyen   January 7, 2023 | 10:34 pm PT
Beauty queen Tran Thi Thu Trang has sparked a debate after saying on a popular TV show that she wants a man with a net worth equal to her own.

In an episode of the dating TV show "Hanh Ly Tinh Yeu" (Love Baggage) on January 3, the runner-up in the 2017 Miss Lumiere International World surprised viewers when she confided what she looked for in a man.

"My net worth is around VND20 billion ($852,150) and I want my boyfriend to match that," said Trang, also known as Kiko Chan. She currently works in real estate.

"I want someone who has the same financial situation as me and then we can start a family together," she added.

The 32-year-old woman said five years ago that she had dated a man, but he didn’t want to get married because he was hesitant to share his assets if they divorced.

After that, she decided to date a man who had a lower income than hers, but their points of views on life were too different and so they split up.

Kiko Chan at the scene of the TV show Hanh Ly TInh Yeu. Photo courtesy of VTV

Kiko Chan at the scene of the TV show "Hanh Ly Tinh Yeu". Photo courtesy of VTV

Director Le Hoang, a regular guest on the show, didn’t agree with Kiko’s point of view.

"Everybody has the right to be happy and set their own standards," he said. "You have VND20 billion, you’re supposed to ask for a man who is honest, talented, loves you and doesn’t care about money, instead of demanding someone who’s rich."

Due Thinh, a director and another regular guest of the show, said: "Income is just a financial aspect. The value of a man is defined by other aspects as well."

After this episode was aired, a public debate erupted around Kiko’s requirement for choosing a lover. Many people thought that it wasn’t right to put financial matters first in a romantic relationship and ask a potential partner to match her financial demand.

"Money is important in life, but it’s not everything. Choose someone who’s smart, kind and loyal to you," Ngo Hieu advised on YouTube. "If you keep putting out financial requirements like this, it’ll be hard for you to find a man."

Netizen Lam Vu wrote: "Don’t find someone rich, find someone who’s suitable."

There are also people who agree with Kiko’s opinion, saying that she has the right to choose an equal partner.
"She earned VND20 billion," Tu commented. "I think it’s reasonable that she find someone who’s at her level."

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