Beauty queen Diem Huong receives ex-husband's blessings at third wedding

By Trung Nguyen   January 23, 2024 | 03:30 am PT
Miss Vietnam World 2010 Diem Huong said that she received heartfelt blessings from her ex-husband, businessman Quang Huy, as she celebrated her third marriage.

Huy conveyed his best wishes to Huong and her new husband through a card, wishing them "heartfelt blessings and a future filled with only positive experiences for both their immediate and extended family."

He specifically wished for her and their son Noah to comfortably settle into their new life.

Miss Vietnam World 2010 Diem Huong. Photo from Hươngs Facebook

Miss Vietnam World 2010 Diem Huong. Photo from Hương's Facebook

Huong mentioned that despite their past separation, she and Quang Huy have a friendly relationship, valuing their friendship as it positively impacts their son Noah's upbringing. She said: "Noah is always proud to have such a caring father."

Huong held her wedding ceremony at a church in Canada last Saturday, where she exchanged vows with her new husband.

In a touching moment, Huong's father walked her down the aisle before she joined her groom. She shared on her Facebook page that her new husband is not only loving and caring towards her and her son but is also well-received by her family.

Noah gave a speech in which he expressed his wish to call his new stepfather 'Dad.'

"Six months ago, Noah composed this speech for my wedding and requested that I keep it confidential until the final moment. During the wedding, he lavished me with compliments, remarking on my beauty," shared Huong.

Huong revealed that her son views her new husband as both a father and his best friend. This sentiment is reciprocated by her husband, who has embraced the role of caring for and nurturing Noah as his own. Huong expressed contentment and a sense of completeness in her life now, acknowledging the complexities that come with residing in Canada.

"Finding someone who loves both you and your son, and is also accepted by your family is a difficult task. I am confident that I've now met someone who truly possesses all these traits," Diem Huong shared.

It is reported that Huong married a real estate business owner in 2011 before divorcing in 2012. She remarried in 2015.

In November 2023, Huong moved to Canada, making a living as a permanent makeup artist.

Diem Huong was born in 1990 and was crowned Miss Vietnam World in 2010. She went on to represent Vietnam in the Miss Earth 2010 pageant and was placed in the top 14. Additionally, she participated in the Miss Universe 2012 pageant held in U.S.'s Las Vegas, Nevada.

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