Asia Commercial Bank chairman goes viral for singing 'in the rain'

By Linh Le   June 7, 2023 | 12:00 am PT
Tran Hung Huy, chairman of Asia Commercial Bank (ACB), gained attention for performing “Always Remember Us This Way” and “Co Don Tren Sofa” (Alone On the Sofa) in a recent event.
Huy at ACB’s internal event on June 4, 2023. Photo from Huy’s Facebook

Tran Hung Huy at ACB’s internal event on June 4, 2023. Photo from Tran Hung Huy’s Facebook page

After singing and dancing to the two songs during a fake rain on stage at the 30th anniversary of the bank's establishment on Sunday, Huy said he chose to perform the Lady Gaga hit "Always Remember Us This Way" because of the line: "You found the light in me that I couldn’t find."

He said the performance was his way to "say thank you to the bank’s founders, to those who have always trusted in me, in times that even I think I cannot do it."

His performance instantly went viral on social media, with many users sharing and commenting on it, praising how great it was.

A Facebook user wrote: "My wife and I have watched this performance three times."

"You performed like an A-list celebrity," said another.

Huy, 45, is the son of Tran Mong Hung, former chairman and one of the founders of ACB. He completed his doctoral degree at the Golden Gate University in the United States in 2011 and was appointed as the chairman of ACB in 2012.

Tran Hung Huy sings and dances to "Always Remember Us This Way" and "Co Don Tren Sofa" on June 4, 2023. Video from Tran Hung Huy’s Facebook page

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