Tourist has lucky escape in Thailand as bungee rope snaps

By Hoang Phong   March 23, 2023 | 09:31 pm PT
A video clip showing a Hong Kong tourist plunge into a lake in Pattaya, Thailand, after his bungee cord snapped has gone viral on social media this week.

The tourist, identified only as Mike, went bungee jumping at the Changthai Thappraya Safari and Adventure Park.

He jumped off a 10-story-high podium, and the video shows him falling into the lake after the rope snapped while he was a few meters above the water.

He blacked out briefly before regaining consciousness and swimming out of the water with the help of park employees.

He was rushed to a local hospital.

Mike told CNN: "It was really high and so I closed my eyes. I planned to open my eyes again when I bounced back up. I realized the cord had snapped when I opened my eyes and I was surrounded by water."

Mike said he also had a lung infection and was hospitalized for three days after returning to Hong Kong.

His medical bills of around HK$50,000 ($6,369) were covered by travel insurance.

He said the park offered him only HK$2,300, HK$1,800 for medical fees and a HK$500 refund of the jump fee.

He has written a complaint to the park and the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Located in the northwest of Pattaya, the amusement park offers various activities like ziplines to live-round shooting.

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