Tourist arrested for stealing $60,000 Louis Vuitton bag

By Hoang Phong    June 26, 2023 | 03:38 pm PT
Tourist arrested for stealing $60,000 Louis Vuitton bag
Tourists queue to check in for their flights at Don Muang International Airport in Bangkok, Thailand, December 26, 2016. Photo by Reuters
Police in Thailand have detained a Chinese man for stealing a Louis Vuitton bag worth VND2.1 million baht ($60,000) from a woman at Don Mueang International Airport in Bangkok.

His arrest was made late last week after the Chinese woman filed a complaint at Don Mueng Police Station.

She said she had left her pink Louis Vuitton handbag at a visa-on-arrival counter, The Thaiger reported.

However, when she returned to retrieve it, it had vanished.

She said her bag is a limited-edition model and only five of them exist in the world.

Police officers then tracked CCTV footage at the counter and nearby areas until they identified the thief.

In the footage, a 38-year-old Chinese man, then identified as Xiaoyi Liao, is seen staring at the pink bag. He then used his backpack to hide the luxury bag from view before holding both bags and heading to the bathroom.

He then discarded an identification card, a credit card, and other personal belongings from the luxury bag into a trash can.

The man then traveled to the northern province of Chaing Mai, and had planned to travel back to China on June 21 from Don Mueang Airport in Bangkok before he was arrested.

There have been a series of arrests involving Chinese nationals in Thailand after the relaxation of travel restrictions between the two countries.

Many of them were arrested for organizing drug parties and operating several types of scams.

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