Spanish travel blogger returns to Vietnam to thank doctors for saving his legs

By Le Phuong   October 17, 2022 | 04:36 pm PT
Spanish travel blogger returns to Vietnam to thank doctors for saving his legs
Spanish travel blogger Juan Por El Mundo (L) poses with Dr. Truong Hoang Vinh Khiem who saved his legs after a traffic accident in 2017. Photo courtesy of Juan Por El Mundo
Spanish travel blogger Juan Por El Mundo just returned to Vietnam to visit doctors who saved his legs after a severe traffic accident five years ago.

In 2017, Mundo challenged himself by driving through Vietnam on his motorbike. However, his trip quickly turned into a nightmare.

While he was exploring the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City, he was run over by a truck, causing his two legs serious injuries.

His left leg was almost severed at the time, prompting locals to use bamboo tubes to temporarily brace them. They called an ambulance to take him to FV Hospital.

The doctors who were on duty on the day received him in a state of shock, with his left leg totally crushed and the bones exposed.

"As a physical therapist, I understood the severity of my injuries, and that I could lose my legs," Mundo recalled.

The doctors promised him that they would do everything to save his life.

"Seeing how pained he was, I was determined to try everything possible to save his legs," said Dr. Truong Hoang Vinh Khiem from the Department of Trauma and Orthopedics.

His wounds were serious. The temporary bandage with a bamboo tube allowed dirt and mud to get into the wound, which caused a high risk of infection.

Dr. Khiem cleaned the wound before performing surgery, which took four hours.

Three weeks later, Mundo started receiving physical therapy until he fully recovered.

"I can't forget the day I got into the accident and the day I was born for the second time when I was in a foreign country and there were no relatives around," Mundo said of when he woke up from the surgery and learned that he did not lose his legs.

The Spaniard has since returned to his normal life and can play sports, dance, and ride a bike.

It was after the accident that he decided to become a travel blogger and venture around the world to share his story with more people.

Though Mundo was "still haunted by the accident", he was determined to return to Vietnam to finish the motorbike trip, overcome his fear and thank the Vietnamese doctors for saving him.

Doctor Khiem was very surprised to see his patient again.

"I am so happy that I was able to heal his legs and help him return to his normal life, even travel around the world – one thing that I would love to do as well," Khiem said.

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