Vietnamese 'pizza': the thinner, the crunchier

By Pham Van, Kim ThuyJuly 19, 2016 | 05:55 pm PT
"Wood-fired" for half a dollar. What pizzeria can offer you that?

Coming in cheap and paper-thin, this central-land treat has claimed many stomachs since the day it hit the streets of Da Lat.

This miracle is actually a Vietnamese street food dish called 'banh trang nuong' that is shaped like a pizza. To give you an idea of what it's like, think of the crispy coating of the famous 'nem', or fried spring roll if you like, and 'nuong' (grilled). You will find the chewy texture typical of southern gastronomy and comfort food at the very first bite.

Found in every corner in the "city of eternal spring", 'banh trang nuong' is a daily dose of streetlife under the veil of fog that covers the city.

Resembling a pizza not only in shape but also in toppings, the layer of 'banh trang' is covered evenly with egg, scallions and cheese or butter. As cheap as it is at half a dollar, the snack offers a list of toppings that fall under the same price range, such as sausage, beef jerky and pork floss.

Being much thinner than its western counterpart, it is advisable to roll to make full use of the crispy cover. 

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