Thailand vs Vietnam: Which country is better for tourists?

By Hoang Vu   May 24, 2024 | 03:31 pm PT
Thailand vs Vietnam: Which country is better for tourists?
Vietnamese tourists in Thailand during the Lunar New Year, January 2023. Photo by Ngoc Thang
Many tourists say Thailand's landscape is not as beautiful and diverse as in Vietnam, but the kingdom is attractive thanks to open visa policy and quality tourism services.

Reader Luc Binh Trang said: "Thailand's landscape may not be as beautiful and diverse as Vietnam's, but its traffic infrastructure and traffic awareness are better than Vietnam's. Roads in Thailand have many cars but are spacious and people could not face heavy congestion like in HCMC and Hanoi. In addition, sidewalks in Thailand are not so encroached by local vendors so pedestrians can feel free to walk. Thai people know how to take advantage of river tourism as most tourists will enjoy a river tour in the capital Bangkok where they would be taken to visit, eat, and shop on both sides of the riverbank."

Other readers voiced similar opinions.

"When it comes to the potential of natural landscapes or cuisine, Vietnam completely beats Thailand, but Thai people do tourism better than Vietnamese simply due to their high awareness. For Vietnam tourism services are still chaotic with inconsistent prices while the environment is full of trash."
Tuan Kim

"Both Thailand and Vietnam boast similarities in weather and geographical location, but Thailand has outstanding points such as open visa policy, tourism promotion campaign and high awareness of local people. Most Thai people, especially in tourist areas, can speak English or at least they are willing to use Google translate to communicate with tourists.

Thai people do business without solicitation. They laugh and invite tourists to buy goods. If tourists don't buy, they laugh, but people never hear curses. In general, when visiting Thailand, I feel that their people are very cool, gentle and positive."
Vo Hoang Dang Thi

"I went to Thailand and found the landscape there boring with an uncomfortable climate. In my opinion, the scenery in Thailand is not as beautiful as in Vietnam but the price of tourism services is very cheap without rip-offs or harassment against tourists. I hope that the Vietnamese tourism industry will pay attention to this issue towards sustainable development."

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