Something "fishy" on Phu Quoc: Five villages worth casting an eye on

By Van Pham, Ngoisao/Vinh Hy   June 7, 2016 | 08:25 pm GMT+7
Luxury resorts and hotels outshine the local settlements that scatter the coast of Phu Quoc Island. Nevertheless, these settlements, fishing villages to be precise, play an important role in the island's tourism prospects.

1. Ham Ninh

Sitting at the foot of Duong Dong Mountain, little has changed in Ham Ninh, even since the tourism boom. The villagers still live in the same thatched houses and catch the same shrimp, fish, pearls and sea cucumbers they have always done.

Sunrise is the best time to see the village, as the sandy beach and mossy rocks are slowly exposed to the naked day. The gentle slope up from the seabed here carries waves as far as the treeline, leaving a sandy beach full of shells. Besides the visual feast, the ancient fishing village offers a real feast with the best crab on the island.

2. Hon Thom

30 minutes from An Thoi is Hon Thom Island. The first thing to catch your eyes will be scores of local fishing nets hanging from the makeshift houses on the beach.

Fishermen on Hon Thom raise all kinds of rare species such as turtles and abalone. The best coral reef tour can also be found here. And if life underwater is not your thing, Hon Thom still has squid fishing and rock climbing waiting for you.

3. Ganh Dau

From the sea, Ganh Dau looks like an endless peninsula with forests stretching down to the water. Standing at this border, you can even see Ta Lon Mountain in Cambodia. The fishing village in Ganh Dau is not as big as others, life is not as crowded and seafood is deliciously cheap.

4. Rach Tram

The amazement will make it up for the tough route to Rach Tram Village. The river that leads to the fishing village splits in two, offering a splendid sight that accompanies the experience of paddling upstream.

5. Cua Can

Cua Can is situated 14 kilometers to the north of Duong Dong Town, the capital of Phu Quoc. The fishing village here is not that different from other settlements on the island, known for their tranquility. Kayaking here offers one more way to explore the Pearl Island where beautiful things converge.

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