Sleeping in the sewer: the latest beach trend

By Vy An   May 31, 2016 | 03:58 am PT
We are already fed up with camp sites, and hotels just won't cut it anymore. The search for newer experiences will never end, so that’s why we introduce to you the latest of them all: a sewer inspired hotel.

Located 25 kilometers to the north of Thien Cam Beach in Ha Tinh Province, the sewer hotel will open this summer.


The hotel boasts 16 rooms with sea views. The rooms are situated adjacent to each other but still guarantee privacy.


The sea breeze will fill the room the moment you open the door.

Khách sạn ống cống 300.000 đồng một đêm ở Hà Tĩnh


The rooms are minimalistic with a double bed and air-conditioning.

The price stays at VND300,000 per night.

The price will be VND300,000 ($13) per night.


The beach in front of the hotel offers space for a variety of activities.


There is convenient store behind the hotel that offers tours on land and offshore.


The store also provides a wide range of adventure activities, ranging from off-road motorbikes to cave diving.

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