Sandy beach turns into landfill site during public holiday

By Xuan Hoa   May 3, 2016 | 08:49 pm PT
Thousands of tourists and locals who flocked to Con Vanh Beach for the public holiday left behind tons of rubbish.

On the morning of Vietnam's Reunification Day, April 30, people were backed up along the road to Con Vanh Beach.


It is estimated that thousands of people visited the beach, prompting make-shift catering services to pop up along hundreds of meters of the coast.


Many people held beach parties and left their rubbish littering the coast.


An eye witness told VnExpress: "Many people are very irresponsible. They came to swim, eat, drink and then left without cleaning up."


Children could easily pick up coconut shells while playing in the water.


Many youngsters stood on coconut shells to pose for photos.


A local said: " It will be very difficult for Con Vanh Beach to promote tourism in the future if local people treat it like this."


By May 2, most tourists had left, and garbage was piled up in small heaps.


The management board of Con Vanh Beach said they had cleaned up the beach in preparation for the holiday. They also publicized garbage collection times, but they were largely ignored.

Photos from Facebook Con Vanh

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