Saigon’s night food market scene

By Pham Van   March 21, 2016 | 07:29 pm PT
The streets of the southern metropolis are a haven for adventurous foodies, with all manner gastronomic delights to be found.

Come nightfall, the purveyors of delicacies from all over Vietnam pop up by the thousand all over the city. Every night you can see the locals, who seem to have shed the need to sleep, huddled around low table indulging their taste buds late into the night. Here are some of the best places to find a range of great street food in the city.

Ben Thanh night market

Situated adjacent to Ben Thanh market in the middle of town, this venerable stalwart of street food serves mostly curious travelers, which partly explains the reason for the slightly higher price of dishes here. Expensive as it is, the market is still a go-to place for many thanks to its convenient location.

The food market is next to the western wing of Ben Thanh market, and offers a variety of food and snacks such as hu tieu, beef noodle soup, snail noodles, and even western and Chinese food. Opening from 7 pm, the market operated well into the evening and also features stalls selling clothing, jewelry and other items.


Thu Duc University village night market

Students in the city are no strangers to Thu Duc University night market. People flocking here for shopping are also exposed to the vibrant food market. Scores of fluorescent-lit food stalls line A2 street. The area, a collection of random food stands five years ago, is now managed and operated under the market’s authority.

The food stalls at the village offer a wide range of dishes, but by far the most popular are the grill stalls. Items start at around VND10,000.


Bui Vien

The southern counterpart to Hanoi’s Old Quarter, the backpacker quarter in Bui Vien Street is a favorite for night-life lovers. The whole street is dedicated to shopping, food and drinks.

A convergence point of worldwide gastronomy, Bui Vien never fails even the most challenging customers who might want to try both an Indian curry and a U.S. steak in the same night. There’s almost nothing you can’t find here. If the restaurants are a bit above your budget, the street still has a bunch of food stalls running along the pavement.


Hanh Thong Tay night market

In Vietnam, night markets are usually established to cater to university students’ need for low-priced food and night-time entertainment. Proprietors here adapt to the consumption style of their customers, with fast-food and snacks at the top of their menus. No dish here is original but they are still delicious in their own way. Flan cakes, banh beo, banh trang tron, noodles, salad...all are within reach of your hands and your wallet.

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