Quang Ngai landscapes reach Earth Photo finals

By Pham Linh   May 31, 2024 | 05:01 pm PT
Four photographs capturing the natural beauty of Quang Ngai Province in central Vietnam while highlighting environmental concerns have advanced to the finals of the Earth Photo competition.

In mid-May, Earth Photo announced that four works by photographer Alex Cao (Cao Nguyen Vu), age 39, from Quang Ngai Province, have secured a place in the Earth Photo 2024 finals.

Out of over 1,900 submissions worldwide, the jury handpicked 112 photos and 13 finalist videos. Alex Cao is the only Vietnamese representative among the 31 photographers and 13 filmmakers vying for the top spots this year.

Earth Photo, established in 2018, is a global photography program. Open to photographers and filmmakers of all genres, it centers on environmental issues and climate change.

Cao's images, all taken within his hometown’s environs, span a range of compelling themes. Two of his photos focus on the"Bau Ca Cai mangrove forest, taken in 2021.

One photograph captures the tranquil atmosphere of a 50-hectare forest of coc trang (lumnitzera littorea, or red-flowered black mangrove) trees in Binh Thuan Commune, Binh Son District. These trees shed their leaves in autumn, revealing white trunks and branches.

The second photo depicts the greenery of the Bau Ca Cai mangrove forest, situated amidst industrial development, and highlights its role in promoting community tourism.

In 2020, Cao captured an image titled "Boat Flower in Pollution" at Tinh Ky Beach. The scene depicted boats arranged in a formation resembling a flower amidst water contaminated with litter and waste. Despite concerted efforts by multiple agencies, organizations, and local authorities to clean up the area, the issue of pollution persists.

Ngôi nhà hình trái tim. Ảnh: Alex Cao

From above, the nets used for duck farming create a heart-shaped frame around a house in Quang Ngai Province. Photo by Alex Cao

The "Heart House on the River", captured in 2020, depicts a home constructed by Pham Duc Quang, age 59, and Phung Thi Thuy, situated in the middle of the Diem Dien River. This photograph symbolizes the love story between Quang and Thuy.

Outside his photographic pursuits, Alex Cao serves as a manager at a pharmaceutical company. He is committed to using his photographic skills to document the beauty of Quang Ngai landscapes and to shed light on current events.

Prior to reaching the finals of Earth Photo 2024, Cao received recognition for his work by winning the Highly Commended award at the 2020 World Drone Competition.

The Earth Photo 2024 finalists' works will be showcased at the Royal Geographical Society, London, from June 18 to Aug. 21. Additionally, select photographs will embark on a tour across British parks and forests, including Moors Valley Country Park, Bedgebury National Forest and Botanical Gardens, and Dalby Forest.

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