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Paradise lost on Ly Son Island

By Vy An   May 11, 2016 | 03:48 am PT
Ly Son Island has been recently promoted as an offshore wonder with crystal clear waters surrounding the volcano island, but it soon disappoints those who want to bring home a beautiful memory due to the heaps of garbage scattered along the beaches.
Khách Tây thất vọng vì Lý Sơn khác xa tưởng tượng

Tourists are greeted with breathtaking beaches on the hailed island.

However, the idea was soons discouraged by the stretches of trash extending beyond the sight.

However, this vision is soon ruined by the stretches of trash extending beyond sight.


Places popular for selfies are still kept clean, but just a few steps away, it’s a completely different story.

Jason decided to take pictures of the trash when he met these bottles.

One tourist decided to take pictures of the trash when he saw these bottles.


All kinds of trash wash up here, the majority of which is unrecyclable.


Photos by Jason Lehman

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