If you want to see Vietnam without the crowds, the time is now

By Vi Vu   October 19, 2017 | 01:54 am PT
A U.K. travel site has built an interactive map that shows the high and low travel seasons around the world.

The joys of traveling depend a lot on whether you are a crowd person or a lover of solitude and/or cheap flights. Sometimes, an unexpected turnout can kill the whole experience.

And that’s why this new animated map developed by the U.K.-based travel site LastMinute.com could be the answer to your plans for world travel.

The low and high season map developed by Lastminute.com.

The low and high season map developed by Lastminute.com.

According to the map, Vietnam's low seasons are between April and June and September and November.

The country is most crowded in July and August.

Travel guide Lonely Planet has also suggested that the low seasons are “perhaps the best time” to travel the country.

The calculations may make sense, as April, May and June are usually the hottest months in the tropical country, while September and October are almost always soaked and cursed with storms.

Yet November, when the weather becomes more gentle, is not really a low season, at least not last year.

Figures from Vietnam National Administration of Tourism showed that November received the highest number of foreign visitors last year, followed by August, December and July.

In some countries, the low season lasts longer than others.

Indonesia has the longest low season in Southeast Asia, lasting from October through May. Norway and Finland both have a seven-month low season.

Bolivia, Switzerland and the Czech Republic boast a six-month period of peak travel.

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