British tourist amazed by warning signs during first visit to Singapore

By Hoang Vu   June 7, 2024 | 03:25 pm PT
British tourist amazed by warning signs during first visit to Singapore
Passers-by hold their mobile phones as people take a selfie photo using a smartphone, with Singapore's central business district skyline, in Singapore, May 10, 2019. Photo by Reuters
A British female traveler recently said she was overwhelmed and surprised by the "countless number of warning signs and instructions" along streets in Singapore during her first visit to the city state.

In a TikTok post on Sunday, the tourist shared a series of photos showing common warning signs against smoking, littering or riding bicycles in some areas that she called "fun instructions."

"In Singapore for the first time and the first thing I noticed was all of their signs," she wrote.

Her post had quickly gone viral on social media and attracted nearly 70,000 views as of Thursday, with many Singaporeans expressing their interest in the tourist's reactions.

For Singaporeans, these signs are common, with the city-state often dubbed the "Fine City," for its reputation of imposing strict laws and regulations.

A netizen wrote: "As a Singaporean my eyes have learned to ignore the signs as the not-to-dos are already ingrained in me but god it is hilarious just seeing them again from a fresh set of eyes."

"I guess I'm so used to [the signs] that I don't even take notice, but it's so funny when compiled like that," another wrote.

Thanks to strict laws, Singapore has a reputation for being one of world's safest and cleanest cities.

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