Chinese tourist puts life at risk posing for photos on 'death cliff'

By Ha Nguyen   March 26, 2024 | 11:23 pm PT
A video capturing a female Chinese tourist clinging to a rock cliff to take photos and falling to the bottom has gone viral on social media, with netizens criticizing her dangerous acts.

The incident happened on March 18 on top of Pai Ya Mountain in Guangdong province when people accompanying the tourist recorded the video and posted it on Chinese social media.

In the video posted on Douyin, one of China's largest social media channels, the female tourist wearing a pink shirt put her hands clinging backwards to the cliff, then lifted her feet into the air and placed her body in an "L" shape for her two friends to take photos. She was seen quite struggling with difficult postures and trying many times without success.

The last time, she was not able to hold on to the rock, so fell to the bottom where there were many jagged and dangerous rocks but luckily a man accompanying her managed to hold her.

She only suffered from scratches and is self-monitoring her health at home.

Authorities in Shenzhen City said the area was put up with a warning sign prohibiting climbing, but many tourists ignored warnings, Jiupai News reported.

Paiya Mountain is 707 meters above sea level and is the sixth highest peak in Shenzhen. The mountain is surrounded by the sea on three sides and has rugged rocks, according to Sohu.

"Nowadays, people do anything to get likes for taking photos. It’s so dangerous," a netizen wrote in response to the video.

"Just be responsible for your own actions, don't make a mistake and sue the scenic spot for failing to follow the instructions and safety warnings," another wrote.

A video shared on Douyin captures a female Chinese tourist clinging to a rock cliff to take photos and falling to the bottom, March 2024.

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