China flight delayed after passenger insists on lying down

By Hoang Vu    April 22, 2024 | 10:41 pm PT
China flight delayed after passenger insists on lying down
An aircraft of Chinese airline Air Guilin. Photo courtesy of the airline
A flight from Guilin to Jinan in China was delayed for over two hours after a female passenger lay down across seats, claiming she was sick.

The incident happened on an Air Guilin flight last week as the woman, whose name has not been revealed, said she suffered a medical issue and could not sit up, The Mirror reported.

Though the cabin crew asked her to sit upright in her seat and seek medical care just before the plane was about to depart, she refused to do so, the South China Morning Post reported.

Police officers then boarded the plane and tried to persuade her but no to avail.

After two hours of negotiation, the woman agreed to leave the plane before the flight took off at 7 p.m. the same day.

Air Guilin then confirmed the flight was delayed due to a passenger's "personal issue" and called on customers to abide by the rules of the airline and asked that seating arrangements were honored during flights.

The incident triggered a heated debate on Chinese social media, with some criticizing the woman’s behavior.

"She should have been removed by the crew sooner. So many passengers were affected by her," one person wrote.

"Who will bear responsibility for the delay?" another wrote.

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