Vietnam International Finger-Style Guitar Festival 2017

July 19, 2017 | 01:48 am PT
Opening: 08:00 pm, Wed 19 Jul 2017
Get ready to join an all-star fingerstyle night and be inspired.

The International Finger-Style Guitar Festival (IFSGF) is an annual event that has been held in Asia since 2010. This year, the IFSGF welcomes famous finger-picking guitarists from all over the world.

Justin King (USA)

Renowned for his percussive "tapping" style influenced by Flamenco and Celtic music, Justin King inspires audiences with his cutting-edge techniques.

Jacques Stotzem (Belgium)

Stotzem is one of the world's most versatile fingerstyle guitarists with an innovative approach, and an unique and refined musical style.

Agustin Amigo (Germany)

"Sensational, sweet and heart-wrenching" is how Agustin Amigo's performances have been described. His clear vocals and unique playing style create bold notes that blend into captivating music.

Akihiro Tanaka (Japan)

As an artist for Yamaha Music, Akihiro Tanaka is known for hits such as "Silver Wings" and "Etude of the Sun". His style is a combination of smooth transitions, attractive rhythms and striking bass strings.

Duy Phong (Vietnam)

A talented, young Vietnamese guitarist who performed at Sungha Jung's sold-out show in Vietnam in 2014. Duy Phong is calm, creative and considered as an entirely new element to fingerstyle playing in Vietnam.

Tickets start at VND 500,000.

Tickets available on ticketbox and tikkit, or can be purchased directly at Doremi Shop on 6F Ngô Thời Nhiệm, D3, HCMC.

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