Stand-up Comedy: Phil Kay (UK)

November 9, 2017 | 08:04 pm PT
Stand-up Comedy: Phil Kay (UK)
Opening: 08:31 pm, Thu 16 Nov 2017
Meet one of Britain's best stand-ups.

From Standing Bar

Phil Kay is a storyteller and a self-proclaimed master of mirth and mayhem. Constantly playing with words and bubbling with exuberance, when Phil Kay gets on the stage he dances around it like a giant child who has woken up with an adult’s body. “He is fertile, feral, otherworldly and exploding with energy", wrote Claire Smith from The Scotsman in a review of his recent show at the Edinburgh Fringe. "What an absolute joy to see Phil Kay bringing a sweaty cellar full of people to full-on, excited, rolling laughter.”

On the scene for almost three decades — in 1994 he won the award for Best Stand-Up at the British Comedy Awards.

Host of the night is Fred Le, who has turned away from the glitz and glamour of the Los Angeles comedy scene to make his mark in Hanoi. Nathan Sproule has all the class you'd expect of a Sheffield-born funnyman, Minkus, Unkle Minkus, or simply 'The Mink' has been performing in Hanoi for years and finally, Mike Ellis has been twatting around on Hanoi stages for far too long.

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