Screening: The Canterville Ghost

July 19, 2016 | 01:34 am PT
Opening: 04:00 pm, Fri 22 Jul 2016


In the depths of a British legend, the ghost of Eleanor Canterville is condemned to haunt the family castle and to scare away any inhabitant. It fulfills this task perfectly, with help from Gwilherm, his faithful servant. But when the Otis, a family fleeing Parisian life, buy the castle; Eleanor becomes upset as she fails to scare this 21st century tribe... Worse children ridicule her and the parents are unaware! Only Virginia Otis, aged fifteen, moved by the fate of the Canterville Ghost, will seek to free her from the curse...


July 22   4 p.m.   6 p.m.    
July 24 2 p.m.         8 p.m.
July 25     5 p.m.   7 p.m.  
July 27     5 p.m.   7 p.m.  
July 28     5 p.m.   7 p.m.  

French with Vietnamese subtitles

Ticket price: VND60,000 ($3)

Tickets are available at l'Espace.

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