Public showcase: Ingo Vetter

October 9, 2017 | 11:11 pm PT
Opening: 03:00 pm, Tue 10 Oct 2017
Showcasing a series in Hanoi by artist Ingo Vetter with the work ‘Family Constellations’. 

The experiment showcases the artist's entry for ‘UTOPIA LAND’, the 2017 version of ‘Month of Art Practice’, organized and curated by Heritage Space.

From the organizer: 

What happens if we re-enact these sculptures with their promises in actual urban situations? Bringing modern sculptures to Hanoi cityscapes will raise many questions about public space and monuments, gender aspects and colonial approaches. The re-enacted versions should be fluid like ghosts, appearing and disappearing again - just leaving an idea of Utopia - a place that is not there.

Free entry. 

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