Open talk: Hanoi Philosophy Forum

July 5, 2017 | 03:06 am PT
Opening: 07:00 pm, Sat 08 Jul 2017
Textual reading with Descartes's Meditations.

"What is there, then, that can be esteemed true? Perhaps this only, that there is absolutely nothing certain."
-René Descartes

This is the first meeting under a new format where we alternate weeks, with some meetings focusing on deeper, text-based readings of the Canon.

Descartes is often called the Father of Modern Philosophy. His method of instrumental skepticism is one of the cornerstones of enlightenment philosophy that will set us up to delve into many other texts. Apart from the historical significance of the "Meditations", the text is also just a pleasure to read. It has gravitas, humor, and brilliance that others could only try to imitate. It is a text that invites self-reflection and critique again and again.

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