Music Night with Jesse Sheehan

May 11, 2017 | 05:56 pm PT
Opening: 08:00 pm, Sat 13 May 2017
Come and enjoy Jesse Sheehan's impressive vocal range and maturity of song-writing at the Hanoi Social Club.

From Hanoi Social Club:

Jesse Sheehan – whatever genre you want to put him into, he’s good at it. Punky rock, pop, folk, soul. A vocal range to shock you. A maturity of song-writing to impress you. He could be Rufus Wainwright, he could be Jeff Buckly, he could be Edith Piaf. But he’s not – he’s Jesse Sheehan and he’s come to play some music, goddammit.

“The most refreshing, revitalising revelation of a live set I’ve seen in years.”

“Like that other diminutive redhead, Dave Dobbyn, Sheehan’s is a voice that seems almost too big for its frame. Where, you wonder, are those near-operatic notes coming from on ‘Sentimental Fool’? But that’s by no means his only voice. He can also take it low and whispery, like a junior Leonard Cohen, on ‘Brothers Of Jaiyang’. And there’s a lot of ground in between, all of it deeply musical, some boldly experimental, all held together by Sheehan’s strong, rangy melodies.”

Also playing on this night is Ny-Oh – she’s all gorgeous melodies, vocal harmonies, acoustic guitar… It just sounds like a gift from heaven, an Ani de Franco or another Fiona Apple. Her second EP from London-based Ny-Oh is a stunning taster of her songwriting skills and spiraling vocal confidence. Former Tauranga girl Naomi Ludlow is a hopeful optimist, and operates with charm well illustrated by track titles such as I See Change, Dreamcatcher and Truth.

Tickets: VND100,000 ($4.4) at door.

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