Moving image exhibition: Mise-en-scène

March 18, 2016 | 03:18 am PT
Opening: 06:00 pm, Wed 23 Mar 2016
Nha San Collective


The French term “mise-en-scène” originates in theater to refer to the stage arrangement of a theater production. This arrangement helps suggest and dictate the mood and atmosphere of the production, whilst expressing the direction, attitude and style of the creator.

On a daily basis, most of the elements around us follow certain regulations that have the ability to dominate and control our actions and behaviors. Unconsciously or consciously, we become both the actors and the audience, controlling and being controlled. By referring to the language of theatre and cinema, in combination with the use of non-traditional artistic expressions, artists participating in Mise-en-scène deal with those concerns. Meanwhile, they also explore the themes of their individual projects as diverse narratives.

“Mise-en-scène” is an exhibition of moving images and the outcome of the working and exchanging process between Vietnamese artists and Japanese new media art artist Ryota Kuwakubo and curator Hiroyuki Hattori.

Participating artists: Nguyen Phuong Linh, Nguyen Thuy Tien, Phung Tien Son, Tuan Mami, Nguyen Quoc Thanh, Nguyen Tran Nam.

The exhibition is opening at 6 p.m, Friday, March 25, 2016

Nha San Collective

15th floor, Ha Noi Creative City,1 Luong Yen street, Hanoi.

Free entry.

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