Hanoi literature fest: A-festival 2017 // ĂĂĂĂĂăăăă

October 9, 2017 | 11:11 pm PT
Hanoi literature fest: A-festival 2017 // ĂĂĂĂĂăăăă
Opening: 07:00 pm, Wed 11 Oct 2017
The second year of A-festival to kick off in Hanoi 

From the organizer:

This year's A-festival concentrates on translational and transnational issues in various contexts of expression: personal, experimental, feminine, (in)visible and national. Due to the constraints of cultural, social and political frames, there are authors who take shelter in translation for survival and rebirth, there are authors who are limited in, cut off from, or blatantly denied a readership in their home language. For such cases, translation is vital to one’s livelihood directly, and by extension, a growing consciousness among the communities whose voices they touch. 

Full program can be seen here

Free entry for all programs.

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