Hanoi contemporary artists to hold early spring exhibition

By Pham Van, Lam ThuMarch 4, 2016 | 11:26 pm PT
Opening: 10:00 am, Thu 11 Feb 2016
A group of six fledgling artists is holding a collective exhibition dubbed “Loc Xuan” (Spring Bud) from February 11 to February 25 at Exhibition House, 16 Ngo Quyen Street, Hanoi

Once the cultural capital of Indochina, Hanoi was home to eminent artists such as Nguyen Van Tho, To Ngoc Van, Le Pho and Bui Xuan Phai thanks to its Indochina College of Fine Arts. The school has since been renamed, but Hanoi continues to produce many talented artists. Here are some of the artworks that will be on display.


Don Xuan (Spring Welcoming), Vu Tuyen


Trua he (Summer noon), Bui Van Tuat


Goc pho vang (Empty street corner), Pham Hien


Untitled, Hoa Khong


Ngoi nha noi son cuoc (House at the foothill), Nguyen Duc Dan


Sac xuan (Spring color), Nguyen Van Tuan

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