Exhibition: Utopia Land

November 5, 2017 | 08:00 pm PT
Exhibition: Utopia Land
Opening: 06:00 pm, Sun 29 Oct 2017
Meet dreamers from around the world.

Utopia Land, a theme of ‘Month of Art Practice project - MAP 2017’, opens a platform for artists to set up non-existed, illusive and dreamy worlds. The exhibition gathers 15 artists from Germany, France, Serbia, South Korea, India, America and Vietnam with works varying from paintings, sculptures, photography, videography, multimedia, conceptual and public art, installations and site-specific art.


Bernard Pourriere (France) / Linh Cam (Vietnam) / Cấn Văn Ân (Vietnam) / Daniel Kerkhoff (United States) / Daniel Rode (Germany) / Dim Tim Art (Serbia) / Heaven Baek (Korea) / Ingo Vetter (Germany) / Nguyễn Thị Hà My (Vietnam) / Nguyễn Thị Hoài Giang (Vietnam) / Nguyễn Phú Viên (Vietnam) / Philippe Richard (France) / Phùng Tiến Sơn (Vietnam) / Ruchika Wason Singh (India) / Trần Hạnh (Vietnam)

Exhibition: October 29 - November 30

Free entry

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