Dance Performance "Murmur"

March 17, 2016 | 10:53 pm PT
Opening: 08:00 pm, Sun 27 Mar 2016
Aakash Odedra is set to perform Murmur 2.0 in Ho Chi Minh City, the visually beautiful, heart-wrenching and dramatic piece which he presented at TEDGlobal.


Aakash Odedra is one of the most sought after contemporary British dancers today. Trained in the classical Indian dance styles of Kathak, he was mentored by Akram Khan who supported him to develop contemporary movement. In 2011, he formed the Aakash Odedra Dance Company and since then has developed his own choreographic works including commissioned pieces for James Brown: ‘Get on the Good Foot’ (Apollo Theatre, New York) and the opera ‘God’s Little Soldier’ (Theatre Freiburg), The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations and the closing of the London Cultural Olympiad. Aakash has received numerous awards and bursaries including a Sky Academy Arts Scholarship.

Author : Hanna Weibye (from
This show establishes Odedra not just as Akram Khan’s protégé or a "rising star" of Indian fusion dance in Britain, but a highly interesting young creative voice. His dancing is a pleasure to watch, particularly when he returns to the Kathak classical idiom and shows us the talent and training that first brought him to Khan’s notice.

Aakash struggled with dyslexia from a young age and felt he "was defined by his learning difficulties, but not his abilities". As written language was so alien, dance became his preferred mode of expression. In Murmur, Aakash and Australian choreographer Lewis Major delve into the idea of warped and exaggerated realities. In a major collaboration with Major and Arts Electronica Futurelab (Linz, Austria), the company explores how the misconceptions of dyslexia can be revealed through visual design, light, sound and movement.

In Nritta, choreographed by Odedra himself, the audience can see a dazzling display of technical feats. He moves with such agility that it is hard for the eye to follow. His feet beat out the rhythms, his gestures sweep and swerve and throughout he remains poised, completely in control. It is a perfect introduction to the marvels that Odedra can produce.

Author : Leigh Witchel (from Danceviewtimes)
His movements became more agitated, and he rolled over his feet and laboriously walked on the tops of his toes – a compulsive, amazing feat.


Performance duration: 1 hour 15 minutes

Ticket price: VND200,000; 350,000; 500,000

Tickets are available at Ho Chi Minh Ballet Symphony and Orchestra (HBSO), 7 Cong Truong Lam Son road, District 1.

Online booking at

Hotline for booking and delivery: 0989874517 or email to

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