Art Exhibition: Mai-Loan Tu

August 30, 2017 | 07:14 pm PT
Opening: 12:00 am, Wed 30 Aug 2017
'To shut his thoughts up, he paints them clear and watches them dry.'

From L'Usine

L’Usine is delighted to present you "To shut his thoughts up, he paints them clear and watches them dry", Salon Saigon’s first outdoor exhibition of the oeuvre of Mai-Loan Tu.

About Mai-Loan Tu

Born in 1988, Mai-Loan Tu is a Vietnamese French illustrator and tattoo artist. Leaving Paris to study illustration for three years in Belgium, she then moved to Barcelona where she started exhibiting her poetically surrealistic work. With the reconnection to her Vietnamese origins, she came to Saigon last year, giving a new breath to her art.

By ink and paper cut-outs, Mai-Loan Tu draws the viewer in with a deceptively realistic line, only to shock us a moment later with the surreal juxtaposition of disparate elements. Combined with familiar objects in uncanny ways, her images seem to draw from the collective unconsciousness that lives somewhere deep within all of us.

About Salon Saigon

Salon Saigon's main function is the presentation of contemporary creation and Vietnamese culture through art exhibitions, performances, conferences, screenings, educational programs, and a unique collection of resources on Vietnamese culture available at the library.

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