Samsung launches online fundraising project for Vietnamese children

By VnExpress   December 30, 2016 | 06:00 pm PT
With 'Samsung Connect,' the tech giant hopes to provide a new way for donors to support charity programs.


Samsung Vina Electronics Co. has recently launched a web-based fundraising project aiming to bring in more support to children at various charity and child protection organizations in Vietnam.

The “Samsung Connect” project was launched on December 21, 2016 at

Representatives of the tech company, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Ltd, said that “Samsung Connect” is an effort to bring practical and emotional support to Vietnamese children in need through a breakthrough media platform.

“Bringing humanity into technology to shape a better future is the primary task of Samsung," said Kim Cheol Gi, General Director of Samsung Vina Electronics Co. "To the company, technology must be humane and must support the interactions between people, linking them together and helping to create a brighter future."


Samsung Connect project aims to show the humane part in technology.

“Samsung Connect” is a technical communication platform that allows philanthropists and charitable hearts to learn about the daily life of children at charity programs.

The donors will see a clear picture of the children’s aspirations, dreams and needs through the website, which provides options to help realize the dream of every child. Apart from the financial support, the platform also helps create deep human connection by sharing the message of love, support and encouragement.

“Samsung Connect” features strong perks such as:

1. Information transparency: All information about the charity institutes (including images, videos, stories and list of children) and lists of items for daily needs at these institutes are shown in details on Samsung Connect. The contributed information is updated publicly and regularly on the website.

2. Personalized user experience: With the built-in e-commerce platform provided by Singaporian Lazada company, Samsung Connect will help benefactors to select items to donate based on actual needs of the children. After setting up an account on the website, donors may connect, interact and chat via SMS with the children, in addition to tracking their donations.


Center of Social Protection in the southern province of Ben Tre.

The first institute that the “Samsung Connect” project has been connected to is the Center of Social Protection (No.2) in the southern province of Ben Tre.

After one month, the project will be extended to central and northern regions, particulatly to Da Nang (Sao Mai Orphanage Education Center) and Dien Bien (Center for Social Protection of Dien Bien). In the future, Samsung aims to let participating donors to propose the next destinations where the project will be heading.

For donors who wish to participate in the program, please visit the website: for more information.

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