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Mui Doi point: Where the first sunrays touch Vietnam

By Huynh Kien    December 27, 2018 | 07:46 am PT
Cross sand dunes, mountains and other vistas to catch the first rays of the sun that graces Vietnam every day.
Mui Doi point: Where the first sunrays touch Vietnam

To go on a trekking trip to Mui Doi, you need to pack a lot of travel items and unpack your mind, says Huynh Kien, a Saigon resident who left her job to explore Vietnam.

The  26-year-old woman shares her trek from the Dam Mon peninsula to Mui Doi in southern Khanh Hoa Province – the easternmost point of Vietnam.

- 1

"Truong and I, the leader of the trekking trip, rode motorbikes from Nha Trang town to Dam Mon peninsula in the afternoon. At first, you have to walk from the Dam Mon market to the vast sand dunes that merge with each another.

"For the trekking trip, you need to have the following items: flashlight, sleeping bag, tent, blanket, two large bottles of water, climbing shoes, walking sticks, bathing suits, food for dinner and breakfast and some cooking utensils (saucepan, travel gas stove).

- 2

 "Trekkers to the eastern point often say the sand dunes are like deserts. But from here, you can marvel at the sight of the mountains, sea, the boats and local villages."

- 3

The reward for an hour’s walk is clear, blue sea.

- 4

The journey to the eastern point involves travel through diverse topography, including the sea and mountains.

- 5

"We trekked through the 300-meter high mountains, crossed many slopes and trails hidden in the forest. After nearly three hours, we reached the flat road.

- 6

"The water here is clear, too, with many reefs and strong waves. After dinner, we rested before continuing our adventure the next morning to our destination.

- 7

"We woke up at 4:30 a.m. to prepare to reach Mui Doi peak. It took us 30 minutes to cross many big, rocky ridges, where we had to use our hand strength to hold on to the rocks and move carefully, up and down.

- 8

"The marker for the eastern point is placed on a large monolith. We had to climb up a rope ladder to reach the top.

- 9

"After a challenging yet awesome journey, I finally reached the place to that welcomes the first dawn of Vietnam. The panaromic view of the sea was soothing and calming.

- 10

 "And to see the sun sending its beautiful, soft but intense colors to light up the earth and the sea deepened the feelings.

- 11

My companions and I also took a photo at the official Mui Doi marker - the easternmost point on mainland Vietnam.

- 12

After a land trek to reach the point, we returned on a boat. The ride from Mui Doi Point to the Dam Mon peninsula costs VND1.6 million ($68.71). The boat can accommodate 10 people. As the boat glided, I breathed in deep satisfaction, gazing at the sea and the mountains.

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