Most beautiful street divider in Vietnam to be hacked back to make way for traffic

By Ba Do, Hung Thap   November 23, 2017 | 10:59 pm PT
Trees and flowers will be replaced by cars and motorbikes as congestion takes precedence in Hanoi.

Nguyen Chi Thanh Street runs 1.8 kilometers (more than one mile) in Dong Da and Ba Dinh districts.


The street opened in 2001 and has been named by the transport ministry as the most beautiful in Vietnam.


The 20-meter divider covered in grass and plants is going to be narrowed to 4.4 meters to make way for traffic.


The smaller divider is going to have elevated levels of plants and will look more colorful with red maple, plumeria rubra, hibiscus and other kinds of flowers.


The major road has been blocked by regular congestion in recent years.


A motorbike driver hops on to the divider to escape the backed up cars.


Parts of the divider have already been damaged by tire tracks.


A worker in charge of taking care of the divider said construction is expected to start late next month and finish in February, by the time Vietnam celebrates the Lunar New Year.

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