Couple's dress-up 'farming' wedding snaps go viral

By Tan Cao   August 14, 2017 | 11:41 pm PT
No exotic destination or fancy pre-wedding photos for this down-to-earth duo.

Tai, the groom, and Trinh, the bride, have been setting the Internet abuzz for days with wedding photos of them dressed up as farmers going about their daily chores in the southern province of Ca Mau, Tai’s hometown.


Tai, 27, is a businessman, while Trinh, 26, is studying business abroad. They started dating after Tai recruited Trinh for one of his first business projects seven years ago.


Trinh is about to finish her course and the two have plans to start a business together in Vietnam so they decided it’s time to tie the knot, and a wedding album was on the list of things to do.


Tired of fancy concepts and scenic backdrops, the pair decided to take everything all the way back to basics: They choose a neighborhood in Tai’s hometown for the shoot.


There's not a tuxedo or wedding gown in sight, and they borrowed trousers and shirts from Tai’s parents, the ones that the elderly couple used to wear when they were working on the farm.


“This is where I grew up, where my childhood memories are, so we wanted to shoot the photos here. The clothes are old and worn but we’re happy to wear them because they remind us of the hard times that my parents have been through,” Tai said.


It took just 30 minutes to finish the shoot, instead of the hours and days it takes many other couples.


Public opinion is divided on the album. Some say the shots are unique and meaningful; but others think it's way too simple for a pre-wedding photo album and the bride should be holding a bouquet in at least a couple of shots. 

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