Buzzing: Meet the Vietnamese man whose body is a walking beehive

By Ngoc Thanh   June 1, 2017 | 03:03 pm GMT+7
He can walk and talk normally with thousands of bees covering his face and body. 

Bui Duy Nhat, 41, from the northern province of Dien Bien, has a curious relationship with bees and wasps. He can collect honey from a beehive in the jungle without a problem - the bees just move to his face and body.


Nhat developed an interest for bees and wasps in 1993, so he spent days learning their habits and how to pet them. On one trip he caught the queen bee and the other bees followed her to his body. They settled down and started to attack him, and he had to remove the stingers and venom as fast as he could. Undeterred, he kept his experiment, despite being stung more than 50 times on one occasion. Over time, the bees just got used to him.


He uses no protection except for cotton in his ears. He said he has also tried hornets.


Now he can calm a hive in 20 minutes and is able to walk and talk with them covering his face.


His trick draws a lot of curious looks. Some people feel scared for him, but he treats it like a game. “I’ve played with these bees for so long I understand them.”


He still gets a couple stings every now and then.

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