VnExpress organizes first virtual cycling tournament

By Thuy An   June 23, 2021 | 02:04 am PT
"Ride safe, stay safe," a virtual cycling race organized for the first time on VnExpress's V-Race platform, was open for registration from noon Wednesday.

The race, which allows participants to accumulate kilometers, aims to inspire exercise and passion for cycling.

Different from other V-Race campaigns that allow participants to run immediately the next day, the "Ride Safe, Stay safe" virtual tournament kicks off after registration closes at 0 a.m. on July 15. With four distances of 50 km, 150 km, 300 km and 500 km, athletes have 22 days to complete or exceed the registered goal.

80 / 5000 Kết quả dịch The first V-Race campaign for cycling with the message Run safe, stay safe.

The poster for VnExpresss's first V-Race campaign for cycling with the message "Ride safe, stay safe."

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused many sports activities to be halted, forcing many people to turn to individual sports, and cycling is one of those.

Cycling is becoming a favorite and easy-to-practice sport for everyone and the cycling community is thriving all over the country. By riding around the residential area, breathing in the fresh air, feeling the pace of their movement, cyclists can maintain their fitness easily. Along with that, cycling alone in remote areas is a way to comply with pandemic prevention regulations and ensure safety for yourself and the community.

You can register for the V-Race "Ride safe, stay safe" here.

For the "Ride safe, stay safe" campaign, participants will need to install the Strava app on their phone and connect to VnExpress's V-Race platform to record their results. There is no limit on the number of times they cycle, as long as they accumulate enough registered kilometers, in the range of 12 to 45 kilometer per hour. This speed is suitable for both professional athletes and beginners.

After completing the challenge, cyclists will receive a virtual certificate and a virtual medal to celebrate a meaningful journey.

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