VnExpress Marathon Nha Trang attracts 11,000 runners

By Hoai Phuong   July 9, 2023 | 05:23 am PT
The second season of VM Nha Trang has attracted nearly twice the number of participants compared to last year, with certain adjustments in track utilities.

The VnExpress Marathon Marvelous Nha Trang 2023 is going to take place on August 13. The event has been registered by 11,000 participants, becoming the second VM race to achieve this milestone after VM Ha Long 2022.

The race was previously expected to feature 10,000 participants. However, due to the high demand from running clubs across the country, the number of participants surged in the last stage.

The race has been closed for all distances one month earlier than intended in order to guarantee proper preparation.

The organizers are coordinating with the local authorities to plan the installation of the Expo, ensuring the safety and security of the running track, and meeting the needs for accommodation.

8,500 runners joined VM Nha Trang 2022. Photo courtesy of VM

8,500 runners joined VM Nha Trang 2022. Photo courtesy of VM

VM Nha Trang, like the Quy Nhon event, will upgrade the utility system by doubling the number of water stations and restrooms, with one restroom after every water station.

The system of navigational signs, instructions, and cut-off time signs at important points has been upgraded for easy identification.

The runners attending the first season rated the VnExpress Marathon Nha Trang as an attractive tournament because this locality was previously known as a tourist city without major marathon activities. Running on coastal roads like Tran Phu and Pham Van Dong and watching the sunrise over the sea was an exciting experience to many participants.

To improve the pleasure and uniqueness of this year's tournament, the route will be modified. Most people will run along the sea and get a wide-angle view of the city.

The race is held near the end of the summer break, when Nha Trang has pleasant temperatures and quiet seas. This is an opportunity for families to enjoy a trip to a marine paradise and take advantage of numerous modern travel options.

According to statistics, the total number of visitors to Nha Trang (Khanh Hoa) in the first four months of the year was more than one million, up 1.5 times over the same period last year, including more than 360,000 international arrivals.

Anna Le - runner from Nha Trang participated in the 2022 tournament. Photo courtesy of VM

Anna Le, a runner from Nha Trang, in the 2022 tournament. Photo courtesy of VM

The VnExpress Marathon Nha Trang is considered an important cultural and sporting activity. The first season created an unprecedentedly strong wave for the running movement in the city and throughout Khanh Hoa province.

It was the first time that locals enjoyed the sports festival atmosphere right on their home turf. After the tournament, many people practiced more seriously with the desire to continue to conquer new goals and compete with runners from all over the country.

This year's competition drew approximately 3,000 locals. The Nha Trang Runners (NTRU) squad has spent over half a year preparing according to the lesson plan.

In June and July, hundreds of members of the group chose to try their hand at marathons and half marathons, large and small, to build momentum for PR goals at home.

Not only NTRU but also many running clubs from the central and southern areas intend to conquer VM Nha Trang 2023, which is likely to generate an explosive and spectacular tournament.

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