Vietnamese boxing champ beats retired Scottish opponent in tough bout

By Thang Nguyen   March 21, 2021 | 10:29 pm PT
Vietnamese boxing champ beats retired Scottish opponent in tough bout
Truong Dinh Hoang (L) throws a hook at Matthew McDonald in a match of Celebrity Fight: Chef Edition on March 21, 2021. Photo by VnExpress/Hoang Giang.
Truong Dinh Hoang defeated former boxer Matthew McDonald in the boxing charity event Celebrity Fights: Chef Edition on Sunday night.

Facing an opponent with a greater height and arm span, Hoang, holder of two WBA belts, entered the game with caution, avoided direct combat and resorted to an array of jabs and hooks.

Despite not having competed in two years, former pro boxer McDonald chose an offensive approach during the match.

In the second round, a persistent attack by Hoang led a bleeding McDonald to the brink of a knock-out before the bell finally tolled.

As the match neared its end, McDonald gained the upper hand thanks to greater stamina and tolerance, with a surprise counterattack bringing a stunned Hoang to his knees.

Competing for the first time in over a year thanks to Covid-19, Hoang managed to clinch the match after only four rounds based on point supremacy.

"This was a good chance to train and improve my level as I’m preparing for my ultimate goal this year, which is winning a gold medal at SEA Games 31. I gave my best in this match, with my opponent showing great resilience," Hoang said following his victory.

Hoang will face one more opponent in July, his last before competing at SEA Games 31 in late November.

The match between Hoang and McDonald is the main card of Celebrity Fights: Chef Edition, with the participation of 14 boxers, including eight Vietnamese. Money collected from the event would be reserved for charity initiatives and to help families in unfortunate circumstances.

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