Vietnamese boxer stripped of IBF Asia belt before title defense

By Duc Dong   December 10, 2022 | 01:24 am PT
Vietnamese boxer stripped of IBF Asia belt before title defense
Boxer Dinh Hong Quan (C) ahead of his IBF title defense match, December 9 2022. Photo by the International Boxing Federation
Boxing champion Dinh Hong Quan was stripped of his IBF Asia belt before a match to defend his title on Saturday because his body weight exceeded the set limit for his lightweight category.

At a weight check session on Friday night, the Vietnamese boxer was found to have exceeded the set weight limit of 61 kg.

Coach Kim Sang Bum of the Cocky Buffalo Training Academy, who manages Quan, said that when the Vietnamese boxer had done training in South Korea and the Philippines last month, his muscle mass developed, leading to a weight gain to 74 kg.

Quan used the water cutting method, which has been used successfully by many of the world's top boxers. Unfortunately, he was unable to get his weight down to the required weight limit.

Despite being stripped of his title, Quan will still be allowed to fight rival Ariel Baconaje of the Philippines on Saturday evening.

If the Filipino boxer wins, he will be awarded the championship belt. If Quan wins, the belt will be left vacant and the IBF will arrange another title match to find a new champion.

Quan became the first Vietnamese boxer to win the IBF Asia lightweight title in April this year after defeating Filipino boxer Jules Victoriano by points.

Quan has nine wins and one loss so far in his professional boxing career.

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