Vietnam to vie in two international e-sport tournaments

By Dang Khoa   June 8, 2020 | 06:17 pm PT
Vietnam to vie in two international e-sport tournaments
A promotion poster of Free Fire Asia All-Starts event. Photo courtesy of Garena.
Vietnamese e-sport teams will compete in Free Fire Asia All-Stars (FFAA) and Arena of Valor Premier League (APL) later this month.

Team Flash, SCVG and VGaming will represent Vietnam at FFAA Pros All-Stars 2020, where they will compete against competitors from India, Indonesia and Thailand for the $50,000 prize pool.

Free Fire is an online multiplayer shooting game, consisting of up to 50 participants who parachute onto an island, trying their best to eliminate one another.

According to the tournament's format, teams will compete in six rounds across three maps, with points awarded based on round ranking and number of kills.

The event will be streamed live across multiple platforms operated by Singaporean game company Garena on June 13.

Garena will also host APL 2020 from June 19 to July 26.

Team Flash, Saigon Phantom, HTVC IGP Gaming and FAPtv will represent Vietnam against teams from Indonesia, Thailand and Taipei for a prize pool of over $348,000.

Arena of Valor is a multiplayer battle arena game, with participants competing in matches lasting 12-18 minutes on average, aiming to destroy turrets on the map, and so the core.

The tournament will include a total 14 teams competing in Group A and Group B, with players earning three points for a winning game, one for a tie, and zero for a loss. The quarter-final will take place from July 18-19, semi-final on July 25 and final July 26.

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