Vietnam lose to Poland in Chess Olympiad third round

By Xuan Binh   August 1, 2022 | 01:20 am PT
Vietnam lose to Poland in Chess Olympiad third round
Vietnam women's team play Poland at Chess Olympiad on July 31, 2022. Photo by FIDE
Despite using the strongest squad, Vietnam women's chess team still lost 1-3 to Poland in the third round of Chess Olympiad on Sunday.

Vietnam fielded Vo Thi Kim Phung , Hoang Thi Bao Tram, Nguyen Thi Mai Hung and Bach Ngoc Thuy Duong. The four players have an average Elo of 2,259.

Poland also used its strongest lineup formation with Alina Kashlinskaya, Monika Socko, Oliwia Kiolbasa and Maria Malicka. Their average Elo totals 2,423.

After four hours, the situation was still balanced. Kashlinskaya won the upper hand against Kim Phung, while Bao Tram was better at the end game against Socko. The remaining two matches were balanced.

However, Tram couldn't keep her advantage and accepted a draw against Socko. Later, Phung could not turn the tables and lost to Kashlinskaya. This put Hung under must-win pressure while she was aiming for a draw. Eventually, Hung lost. Duong was also held off by Malicka in the other game.

With two losses and two draws, Vietnam received their first defeat in the tournament. The team dropped to 34th with four points. In the fourth round, Vietnam will meet Chile. Their four core players have an average Elo of 1,990.

2022 Chess Olympiad, held July 29 - Aug. 9 in Chennai, India, features 1,736 players from 186 countries and territories, including world number one Magnus Carlsen.

The Chess Olympiad is considered one of the biggest competitions in the sport.

The women's group has 799 participants from 160 countries, with the host allowed to register three teams.

Vietnam didn’t send their men’s team to this tournament since its top players are all busy.

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