K-pop star leaves Asian Games tantrum tennis player

By Hoang Nguyen   October 5, 2023 | 07:10 am PT
Korean entertainer Yubin broke up with her boyfriend, tennis star Kwon-Soon-woo, after he smashed his racket to pieces in a televised tantrum after an early upset defeat at Asian Games.
Yubin (L) and Kwon Soon-woo when they were still dating. Photo by Instagram/@iluvyub

Yubin (L) and Kwon Soon-woo when they were still dating. Photo by Instagram/@iluvyub

RRR Entertainment, Yubin's company announced on Thursday that the artist had ended her relationship with Kwon, but the two remain friends and will keep supporting each other. RRR was founded by Yubin after she left the famous K-pop girl group Wonder Girls in 2017.

Before the breakup, Yubin also deleted all photos related to Kwon on her Instagram.

Yubin, 35, started dating Kwon, who's eight years younger, in May 2023.

On September 25, Kwon lost to Thai player Kasidit Samrej in his first game at the Asian Games men's singles event. After his defeat, he smashed his racket to pieces on the ground and his station chair and refused to shake hands with Samrej. His action was captured on video and it went viral.

Many said the 25-year-old went into a rage because he missed the chance to be exempted from military service.

Some said Kwon's rage was also provoked by Samrej's style of play. The Thai player often tried to buy time during the game. He asked to use the restroom after the first set and returned after 10 minutes. In the second set, when he was losing, Samrej called for medical attention to reduce Kwon's momentum.

Kwon was heavily criticized by South Korean netizens for his unsportsmanlike behavior. Many people even left offensive comments on Yubin's Instagram because she was dating Kwon.

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