V. League matches to have recorded crowd noise

By Hoang Nguyen   February 27, 2021 | 10:00 pm PT
V. League matches to have recorded crowd noise
Thien Truong Stadium in the northern Nam Dinh Province is filled with spectators in the opening game of V. League between Nam Dinh FC and Hanoi FC, January 15, 2021. Photo by VnExpress/Lam Thoa.
When the V. League returns in March, clubs will play without spectators but use recorded crowd noise.

"In order to resume the domestic football competitions during the pandemic, the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) has studied the guidelines of FIFA, the Asian Football Federation, other football federations, and the situation in the country," the VFF said in a statement.

To ensure complete safety, a minimum distance of one meter will be maintained between the referee and players, there will be no handshakes and matches will be played in empty stadiums.

Teams can instead use artificial crowd noise, including after a goal is scored, and play the clips on the giant screen as long as they do not contain inappropriate content, the VFF has said.

Artificial crowd noise is being used in many football leagues around the world since games are played without spectators as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to rage.

"Clubs are not allowed to sell tickets and no spectators are allowed in the stadium with the exception of organizers, security, VFF representatives, and commercial partners of the league," the federation said.

Following a new Covid outbreak at the end of January, the 2021 V. League was postponed after the first two rounds had been played.

With the situation recently improving, the Vietnam Football JSC plans to resume the league with games scheduled on March 13 and 14.

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