Ill-prepared club seeks to reverse V. League 2 promotion

By Duc Dong   December 8, 2020 | 03:00 am PT
Ill-prepared club seeks to reverse V. League 2 promotion
Gia Dinh FC wants to return to the third division after being promoted to V. League 2. Photo courtesy of Gia Dinh FC.
Failing to meet several V. League 2 requirements, Gia Dinh FC have sought to remain in the third division for the 2021 season.

In a document signed by club president Huynh Hoang Truong, sent to Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) and Vietnam Football JSC, HCMC based club Gia Dinh requested to withdraw from 2021 V. League 2, citing failure to meet stadium and youth training requirements.

Both V. League 1 and V. League 2 clubs need to have their own stadiums that meet specified standards.

The club asked VFF to let it compete in the third division next season, needing more time to invest and upgrade their facilities, venue, and youth football.

The club has repeatedly called for sponsors and financial support since their promotion in November.

VFF will decide whether to let this club continue playing at the third division or not. VFF will also choose what team will be promoted instead of Gia Dinh.

VFF Chairman Nguyen Minh Chau said a possible replacement for Gia Dinh could be Cong An Nhan Dan (CAND), who finished fourth in the third division last season.

Gia Dinh FC was established in 2019 with Truong as president. They use Tan Hiep Commune Stadium in Hoc Mon District of HCMC as their home ground, their squad consisting of both young and amateur players. The club got promoted into the third division in 2019. In 2020, they won their play-off against CAND, which subsequently led to their V. League 2 promotion.

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